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11 Best SEO WordPress Themes for Niche Blogs

In this article, I have covered everything you need to know about having a fully optimized SEO theme.

The article is divided into four sections:

  • Best WordPress theme for SEO
  • Best theme for Personal Branding.
  • Best theme for Affiliate Niche websites.
  • Best theme for Media, Entertainment, Cooking, Travel, and Health blogs.

What does Google want to see on the website

Here are all the factors that Google is looking for in a great website


Health, Wellness & Fitness Niche Report 2019

Health Wellness Fitness Niche Report

The very first advice that you get from any internet marketing experts is to PICK THE PROFITABLE NICHE.

I learned that there are 4 markets that never fail to make profits. These are evergreen profitable segments.

  1. Health
  2. Wealth
  3. Relationships
  4. Hobby

My team worked hard to create this in-depth niche report on health & fitness niche.

Honestly, health is not a niche, it’s a broad market.

The market is divided into Segments, and Segments have multiple niches. Each niche has sub-niches which we call micro niche or super niche.

Case Study : Zero to 150,000 Facebook Growth Without Paid Marketing

Facebook Growth Without Paid Marketing

Neha has grown her Facebook page from 0 to 1,50,000 in just 10 months – please note – without spending any money on Facebook Ads.

Let me tell you Neha’s skills

  • She doesn’t know anything about online marketing
  • She is not a professional designer
  • She doesn’t know how to use Photoshop
  • She never learned social media
  • She hasn’t hired any freelancer or social media agency

The only skill that she possesses

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