How to Withdraw Money from US Amazon Affiliate to Indian Account (3 Methods Explained)

How to withdraw money from US Amazon affiliate to Indian account

Amazon US account supports 52 countries’ bank accounts to withdraw money. Indian banks are not on the list of supported countries.

Apart from the US, most of the European countries like the UK, France, Italy, Poland, Spain, and Switzerland are where Amazon allows international direct deposits of affiliate earnings.  

I used to withdraw money from my Amazon US affiliate account to my Indian bank account. 

Payoneer provides a virtual USA bank account. You can receive the payment in a virtual account and then Payoneer automatically transfers the payment to your real bank account. 

Payoneer charges a total fee of about 2% in the form of an exchange rate. 

Amazon offers 3 different methods to withdraw money. You can use Payoneer if you need money instantly in your bank account. The other two methods may take some time to receive and spend your money. 

Details of all the three withdrawal methods are below- 

3 Payment Methods to Withdraw Money From Your US – Amazon Affiliate Account 

Amazon pays you commissions through your preferred payment method once you reach the minimum payout requirement. 

The preferred payment option that you can choose on Amazon are –

  • Payment directly into a bank account
  • Receive an Amazon gift card on your email address
  • Opt for check to be delivered at your contact address

#1. Pay by Direct Deposit

You need to fill in the bank account details to receive money directly to your bank account.

Amazon set a minimum payout amount of $10.

pay by direct deposit

Payment direct to a bank account is the most convenient method to receive the payment. But payment directly into a bank account is currently available to only 52 countries. 

I was not able to receive the payment to my Indian bank account because Indian banks are not covered in the list of 48 supported banks. 

In this article, I have explained the steps of how I used Payoneer to open a virtual bank account in the USA and then withdraw the funds to my Indian bank account. 

Before that, let’s have a look at the other 2 payment methods offered by Amazon. 

#2. Pay by Gift Card 

Amazon sends the gift card of your affiliate amount to your primary email address. 

Amazon set a minimum payout amount of $10. 

amazon gift card

#3. Pay by Check 

If you want to be paid by check, you can choose the third option. Amazon will send you a cheque on the contact address that you have provided while setting up your affiliate account. 

The minimum payment by cheque is $100. You can adjust this to any amount of over $100. 

pay by check

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How to Withdraw Money From US Amazon Affiliate to Indian Bank Account

With Payoneer, you can receive affiliate payments directly into a bank account from Amazon. Payoneer will open a USA virtual bank account that you can use to receive the payment from Amazon. 

Then Payoneer transfers the funds into your real bank account. I used Payoneer to open a USA virtual account to receive payment from my US Amazon affiliate account to an Indian bank account. 

If you don’t have a Payoneer account then follow these steps to open a Payoneer account. 

Steps to Open Payoneer Account 

Keep the following documents handy while opening the Payoneer account 

  • Aadhaar card / PAN card
  • Bank account details 

Step 1 – Visit the Payoneer homepage and register 

Open and click on the register option.  

Payoneer homepage

Step 2 – Fill in your Payoneer account needs 

Provide information about your business types like whether you are a freelancer or agency, online seller, or service provider. 

Payoneer account setup details

Then you have to choose “Get paid by international clients or freelance marketplaces” because you have to receive the payment from Amazon. 

The other option is for making the payments. 

Payoneer account setup details 2

Choose the approximate value of your monthly sales/payment received. 

Payoneer monthly sales value

You will automatically be redirected to the next page as you submit the value for the monthly sale. 

Step 3 – Fill individual/ company details

Choose whether you are an individual or a company. Fill in details like – your name, email address, and date of birth. 

Click on the “Next” button. 

Payonner account setup fill personal details

Step 4 – Fill in contact details 

Fill in the personal details about country, address, city, postal/ZIP code, and mobile number.

Click on “send code” under the verification code field to receive the verification code on your mobile number. 

Fill the verification code and submit the details. 

Payoneer account setup address details

Step 5 – Security Details 

Set your Payoneer password. Then you need to choose and answer one security question. 

You will need to submit one ID number and details. You can fill in your PAN number or your Aadhaar number. 

Payoneer account setup security details

Step 6 – Final Step

Fill in your bank account details. 

You will need to choose your bank, enter details about your account holder’s name, bank account number, IFSC code, PAN number, and account type (savings or current account). 

Read the terms and conditions and pricing & fees details. Then click on the boxes and submit the details.  

Payoneer account setup bank details

Your Payoneer account number will be opened.

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How to Receive Money in Your Payoneer Account From Your US-Amazon Affiliate Account 

You need a USA virtual bank account to receive US affiliate earnings. Payoneer gives you the option to get a virtual account. 

Get USA Virtual Account From Payoneer

Log in to your Payoneer account. You will see 3 options in the Header Bar – Home, Activity, and Receive. 

Choose “Global Payment Service” from the dropdown menu under the “Recieve” head. 

Global payment service option

You will see 5 countries – USA, UK, Japan, Singapore, and Canada to request the virtual account to receive the payment. 

Click on the (+) option just above the country name. And your virtual account request will be sent for approval. It will take about 2 to 3 hours for approval. 

Once your account is approved you will find the details under the approved accounts section. 

Below, you can see I have got the virtual accounts for USA and UK. 

Virtual account options

Find Your Virtual Account Details 

Click on the USA account under the approved account. A pop-up will appear having the details about Bank name, routing, account number, account type, and beneficiary name. 

USA virtual account details

Add Virtual Account Details in Your US-Amazon Affiliate Account 

Login to your affiliate account and go to the “Account Settings”. 

Amazon affiliate account account setting

Go to “Change Payment Method”. You may see the option to add a payment method if you are adding payment details for the first time. 

Note – You may need to add tax information as well if you haven’t added it earlier. 

Change payment method

Fill in the Payoneer virtual account details that you have gathered in the previous steps. Click on the submit button. 

Adding virtual account detail

You will see the notification “payment information updated successfully”. 

You will receive the Amazon affiliate commission in your Payoneer virtual account every month as per the Amazon payment schedule. 

Getting Payment in Your Indian Bank Account From Payoneer Account 

You will receive the payment in your Indian bank account automatically within 48 hours after receiving payment in the Payoneer account. 

You can see the transaction details by clicking on the “transactions” heading under the dropdown menu of “activities”.

Check payoneer transactions
Payoneer transaction details

You will receive payment in the bank account that you have added while registration with Payoneer. 

Payoneer gives you the option to change your real bank account at any time. 

Changing Bank Account in Payoneer 

Click on the bank account under the “Settings” dropdown menu. 

Payoneer bank accounts

You will see the details for the “bank account for withdrawal”. 

Bank accounts for withdrawal

On clicking you will find the details of your bank account linked with the Payoneer account. 

Use the option “add bank account” to include a new account. 

Adding new bank account

You can change the default bank account to receive the payment by clicking on the 3 dots and choosing “Set as default option”. 

Change default bank account

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Please ensure that you have filled out tax information which is mandatory to receive payment from Amazon. Otherwise, your payment will get delayed till the time you complete the tax information. 

If you have any doubts or questions regarding the Amazon affiliate commission withdrawal, then let me know in the comments section. 

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