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11 Best WordPress Security Plugin – Review 2018

best wordpress security plugin

(Last Updated – 16 August 2018)

I never worried about the security of my website in the initial days of my blogging business.

No one hacked my website, neither I had any virus or malware attacks.

But that does not mean that I did the right thing. I escaped from the hackers because of my luck but that’s not how online businesses are run.

I was very careless about maintaining my website.

Often a times my website became slow or unresponsive because I hosted my website with a cheap web hosting company (GoDaddy).

7 Things You Must Do Before Quitting Your Job (For Starting Online Business)


I was over excited with my first startup. I resigned from my job in Dec 2013 for my first startup SchoolGennie. I did a lot of mistakes and my startup failed in a couple of months.

I learned some valuable lessons that are extremely helpful for anyone building his first startup.
If I had to go back in time, I would do the following things right.

#1 Talk directly to Customers

Don’t assume anything. Talk to your customers what they want unless you are innovating something like Apple iPhone. Most of the times people hide what they are building.

How We Lost Rs 15,00,000 in My First Startup

learning business

I thought I would make millions through my startup, but I failed miserably. I read shiny stories of Flipkart and Zomato, but nobody told me that 90% startups fail within two years of starting up, I failed in the first year. Sometimes I feel being cheated but the fault was mine, I believed one side of the story.

Today, I am going to tell you the other side of the story, the secret of failure of first-time entrepreneurs.


It was April month of the year 2013 when I was getting uncomfortable in my office.

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