Setup Your Blog in Profitable Niche in 7 Days for FREE

  • Selecting Profitable Niche
  • Keyword Research
  • Essential Plugins
  • Content Writing
  • Getting First 1000 Visitors without Paid Ads

What Exactly will you Get out of this Course

here is just a taste of what you’ll learn if you join:


How to Start a Blog


Keyword Research


Domain Hunting






Writing your First Article


Content Promotion


[BONUS] Monetization

What people say about this course?

Helped me stay focussed on blogging and make progress in a structured manner, even though I don’t get enough time due to my job. It has also helped me in finding genuine readers for my blog who are interested in my articles.


It helped me with my biggest fears and obstacles – hosting website and buying a domain. I am still in the early stage of my blogging journey, but it sure is fun and an easy task for me. I always log in to my niche blogger a/c to clear my doubts.

Mansha Fatima

Thanks for all your help and great wishes. You are more than a mentor, not just thinking about money, but actually a friend with well-wishes for all.

Prithviraj Singh Rathore

Thank you so much for Insights. This is Pure Gold Knowledge.

Puneet Nigam
Pardeep Goyal


My name is Pardeep Goyal and my friends call me A Kanjoos Baniya. I acquired this name from my friends in college time because of my habit of saving money.

I never bought anything at the full price in my life because of my negotiation skills.

I learned this money saving skill as a child from our Baniya community u0026amp; culture. We are known for saving money and growing business but people misinterpret with Kanjoosi (Frugality).

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