Free Blogging Course – Lesson 7

Get first 1000 visitors on your blog

Once you publish your content on your blog, now your hustle to get traffic has been started. You can get traffic from different social media platforms. Let me tell you how to utilize the most popular social media platforms to get traffic on the blog post.

#1. Facebook

Facebook being the biggest social media platform is important for content promotion. You have to be a part of different facebook groups in your niche.

Join multiple groups in your niche, see what kind of engagement is happening in the group. If there are discussions only on relevant topics then you are at the right place.

But… Wait !!

You can’t do it like joining a group and spamming it with your promotional material.

Be a giver first. Provide value to others only then you can expect something in return. Focus on building relationships and helping others. This will help you in the future.

Always check the Admin or moderator’s profile and see how they are handling the group. If the admin is highly active to resolve other members issues, then that group is of high quality.

Seek permission from group admin to post about your blog article. Ask them you want genuine feedback to grow. People will help you if you are already helping others.

Start participating in conversations where you can provide solutions. Help other members, the way you want to help your blog readers.

Always remember-

  • Don’t spam.
  • Don’t join dozens of groups at once. Join 1 or 2 groups of your niche and start participating.
  • Group Size should not be the parameter of your group selection. People can be less but they must be valuable.
  • Don’t expect any immediate traffic from the group you have joined.

Don’t expect traffic, expect genuine feedback for your growth.

#2. YouTube

YouTube has become an essential source of traffic now. . YouTube gets almost 30 million viewers every day and 60% of social media traffic on my blog comes from YouTube.

YouTube channel and blog both complement each other.

You can share link of your blog post on youtube channel to divert youtube traffic to your channel and reverse the task to get more views on your youtube channel.

Convert blog article into a video

You can easily convert your blog article into a YouTube video and add your blog post link into the description. If your video starts getting views, people will start visiting your blog.

Here are a few tips to create a YouTube video-

  1. Record small video initially if you are not comfortable.
  2. If you are camera conscious person, just prepare a simple PPT presentation and give your voiceover.
  3. You don’t have to buy any screen recording tool. Any free tool or your mobile camera can be used to record your first video. I used my mobile to record my first Youtube video.
  4. Don’t worry about the quality of your video but the content. If your content is good people don’t care about the quality.

You can also share your video on Facebook groups you have joined to get the feedback.

#3. Quora

Quora is one of the biggest Qu0026amp;A platforms and you just need to find the target audience by searching for relevant questions and answer them.

After some active participation you can start adding links in your answers, but don’t add more than 1-2 links otherwise Quora will delete your answers.

People will start noticing you, like you and will reach you.

Read Quora moderation policy that will help you understand what things you should keep in mind while writing answers.

Important tips for Quora Promotion

  • Make a good profile with genuine information. Tell a short and strong description of yourself. Then tell about your blog and put your blog link there.
  • Also add your photograph. It increases trust.
  • Search questions that are relevant to your niche and you think you can answer brilliantly. If you are writing good answers and people start liking your answers, they would even search you from google.
  • Your responsibility is to provide genuine solution to your reader through your answer on Quora. And add your article link at the end of your answer.
  • Keep your engagement high. Start writing answers on Quora on a daily basis. Upvote answers that give you value.
  • Not only answer, but also ask questions.
  • Do reply to comments on your answer.

This way you can build your authority on Quora and drive traffic from this incredible source for free.

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