Free Blogging Course – Lesson 6

writing your first article

Writing is one of the pillars of blogging. Without quality writing you can’t succeed even if you have costliest hosting, best paid plugins and a premium domain name.

Content is the king. You can succeed with basic hosting plans, free plugins and a simple domain name if your content is powerful.

You must learn how to write the powerful content that bring loyal customers and that can make your blog a passive income source for you.

To write a blog article you have follow these steps.

#1. Understanding of your user

The most crucial part of quality content writing is understanding of your reader. You must know whom you are writing for. You can have different parameters depending on your niche.

Never write based on your own assumptions. Always visualize your reader and his pain points

You must know that you are writing for a single person because no one wants to be a part of the crowd.

You must be authentic in giving your opinion so that your reader will get geniune advice.

Be honest while writing tell every plus points along with minus points. Your reader will enjoy your content.

#2. Preparing the outline

Outline of your article is like a blueprint of a new construction. You can’t build a well structured building without blueprint. Similarly, you can’t write a well structured article without creating an outline.

Subdivide your article into different parts starting from introduction and ending at conclusion. Every sub-part should be a complete piece of information in itself.

For example, if you closely observe this email, I have divided this email into multiple parts and each part is a complete piece of knowledge for you.

#3. Well Research

Research is the base of your writing, you can’t write without research. When you research you come to know different aspects of any information whether its a list of products, a service, or an informational guide.

You come to know about the features. You come to know about the real world problems and how to provide a solution.

Regular research in one niche makes you an expert in that niche. Expertise pays back well.

#4. Writing in your own words and tone

Once you have researched well about your topic, you articulate what is beneficial for your reader and what should be avoided by him.

Don’t copy paste from internet. Write in your own words. Give it a personal tone so that your reader can connect with you.

Write your story or your experience. Your reader will feel connected with you.

#5. Editing

Once you have written the draft. Now another important phase is to edit it well. Editing sets the flow of your content as per the context.

Be brutal. Delete every extra line that you don’t feel valuable. It might feel tough initially but don’t feel attached with your content. You are removing crap not the knowledge.

Check if every line is in context with your article. Is every paragraph is delivering the message. If you have done editing well, the content you will be left with will be pure gold.

You can however, add or rewrite some content for extra value addition.

Once you go through this step by step process, you will have a piece of powerful content ready to connect with your reader.

Ready to publish your content with audience?

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