Free Blogging Course – Lesson 3

Domain Hunting

One thing that troubles almost every new blogger is choosing a domain name.

A good domain name becomes a Brand name.

A single word domain name has a great impact on the visitor’s perception but single word domain names are ridiculously expensive.

So two-word domain names are considered to be the best. But you can’t even find premium words domain names like

You can find a domain name that you feel connected like I felt a connection with CashOverflow.

Your domain name is your identity on the internet. It represents you and your business. Your blog’s brand value has one aspect domain name. Branded domain names increase website brand value in the niche.

As in the beginning, I said, domain selection shouldn’t be as difficult as mount climbing tasks for you because you can’t waste all your energies in finding domain names.

Tool to find domain name

You can use different suggestion tools like to get ideas of domain names.

You can search for a particular name in search bar and it will show you which domain names are available.

For example, I searched for the domain name “fitnessfuel” and it showed me the availability in multiple extensions like .us, and .eu.

If I have to target US or Europian audience I can go for that name quickly. So this tool has made domain name search so easy.

Not only domain name extensions, it also guides you on which social media platform that particular username is available.

For same search “fitnessfuel”, it showed on which platforms the username is still intact.

There are some other things that are more important than the domain name like writing content, good hosting, content promotion and getting initial traffic on your blog.

Domain name shouldn’t become an obstacle

A domain name is important, but it shouldn’t become an obstacle in your blogging journey.

Initially, go with any domain name that you like u0026amp; you can change domain name in the future if required.

I started my blog on money-saving tips with name but I didn’t find it that much aligned with niche and branding. I changed my blog’s name to but again I was not fully satisfied.

Starting my blog and publishing my first article was more important for me than the attachment with the perfect domain name.

I published a couple of articles and then I changed my domain name to CashOverflow which was two-word, brandable, and aligned to my niche. Since my target audience was Indian, I went with .in extension.

Your primary focus should be on starting your blog with any suitable name and learning important aspects of blogging. A domain name should be just a part of the process. Once you get success in monetary terms you can even buy a premium domain for your blog.

Reply to this email today and tell me which domain name you finalised?

No reply means you are delaying your blogging journey.

Pardeep Goyal


You can buy domain name from any company because that gonna cost you almost same in the range of Rs. 700 to 900 per year.

But for hosting, I would recommend SiteGround if you are looking for best of the best.


Hostinger if you are on a tight budget.

Both of the above links include discounted deal price specially for you.

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