Free Blogging Course – Lesson 1

Niche Selection

I will show you how to start a blog in a step by step manner.

You will get my emails for the next seven days that will cover all the essential topics of blogging.

To start a blog, you need a niche… a profitable niche.

If you are not in the right niche, you can’t earn money from your blog.

Now the concern is what exactly is a niche?


Niche is a very small segment of a big market that focuses on a strong need of the customer.

When you go to a bazaar in any city, you can see bakery/food shops, garment shops, and grocery shops.

Did you notice that small shop selling just Kachori or Samosa?

That is the niche market.

Of course a big sweet shop is also selling Samosa but that small shop would sell 100x Samosas per day than a big sweet shop.

Some of the niche Samosa shops or Chole Bhature shops have more than 1 crore annual turn over in my state Punjab.

A small shop has less operational expenses, less wastage but more profit margins.

The cost of failure is also very less when we start small in a niche market.

“Amazon” is an example of big marketplace that handles multiple niches whereas “firstcry” is selling just baby products so highly successful in micro niche of baby products.

Similarly, a US-based online shoe selling portal “Zappos” is a good example of micro niche of selling only shoes online.

Do you know Amazon also started with a super niche market of selling books online?

Flipkart also replicated the model of Amazon – selling only books online.

Success Secret : Start with a super niche blog and then expand as you grow.

Picking A Profitable Niche

A profitable niche means a segment in the market where people have a strong need and you have a high chance of making money.

Just be with me and I will talk a lot about making money in this blogging course.

Niche Blog = More Money but Less Effort

My blog CashOverflow is about saving money u0026amp; investing at the right place at the right time. I am focusing on a very small niche under the wide industry Finance. You can compare the difference between moneycontrol and cashoverflow.

I have published only 18 posts in the first year of my blogging, which means it takes less effort in content generation when we focus on a niche blog.

I could get more time for the promotions and guest posting that helped me increase the traffic of my blog.

I was able to make more money (subjective) from my blog as compared to other financial blogs which were writing on each and every topic of finance.

My Secret: I monetised from affiliate marketing u0026amp; exclusive partnerships in finance while others were depended only on Adsense income.

Take action on each day of this blogging series.. And on the last day I will talk in detail about monetising a blog.

Right niche selection decides the future of your blogging journey

You either have no idea about the niche or you have multiple niche ideas. That makes people confused u0026amp; lazy.

Some people don’t pick a profitable niche like ‘Health u0026amp; Fitness’ because of the fear of high competition and end up starting a blog in a poorly monetizable niche like ‘poetry’.

If you are confused like that – better to start 2 blogs and host on the same hosting to save money.

(Note: I will help you save money on hosting on Day-3)

You can start your blog in the right niche in the right way.

Pick a niche which on the

intersection of your Passion + Skills + Market Need

Niches that are highly profitable

Health and fitness is a 4.2 trillion USD industry as per Global wellness economy’s report in 2017.

Cooking u0026amp; Kitchen has a lot of potential as processed food market in the US is worth $683,086 million. Apart from that, the kitchen and cookware stores is worth 20 billion USD industry.

Travel industry gross bookings globally reached US$1.6 trillion in 2017. Such a huge industry it is in itself comprising of multiple small niches.

Tech and gadgets the trending sub-niches in gadgets and technology are Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain u0026amp; Crypto, Virtual reality (VR), Smart mobiles and smart homes. These are highly profitable also. Only Global Smart Home niche is valued at $76.62 billion in 2018.

Once you have finalized your niche, you can choose a domain for your blog, that you’ll learn in the next lesson.

Pardeep Goyal


By the way, I have done the hardwork of analysing 10 profitable niches for you.

It’s a detailed massive report (22,000 words) so that you can start a niche blog with full confidence in the sub-niche.

Total sub-niche ideas are more than 70 that belong to 10 most profitable industries on the earth.

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