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Monetising Blog

There are many ways to generate income from your blog.


Affiliate marketing is one of the most successful businesses you can do with your blog. In affiliate marketing, you can recommend your audience for some products (niche relevant) that will provide value addition in your reader’s life.

In return you earn commission. And you blog becomes a passive income generator that is earning you money even when you are sleeping.

There are different Affiliate networks like

Amazon – Amazon has the biggest network where more than 900K people have joined with it worldwide. You can sign up with Amazon Affiliate program and you can start recommending amazon products on your blog.

Amazon pays different commission on different products.

For example,

If you are in cooking and kitchen niche, you can search for what products are have high number of reviews, that means that product is highly in demand. Now you can choose products that have better rating to recommend them to your reader with your affiliate link.

Clickbank- Clickbank is another global affiliate network with a vast catalogue of over 6 million unique products and 2 millions global customers.

If your blog is targeting global audience, you can become an affiliate marketer of clickbanks and promote products.

Always keep in mind that only recommend those products that are relevant to your niche and that must add value to your readers.

Freelance services

You can start giving freelance services along with your blog. Your blog can become your portfolio where you can showcase your skills and show to your clients.

If you are writing good content on your own blog, you can write for others as well and make income out of that.

If you are a good designer, and you have designed your blog yourself, you can show that to your clients and grab the deal.

You can experiment on your blog to learn and help customers with improved skills. I used to do this in my early blogging days.

Digital products

You can create your own digital products and sell them to your readers.

Digital products can be-

  1. Ebooks. You can easily create an ebook from your high quality blog posts that you have written in the past.
  2. Design templates. You can create design templates for non designer people to ease their job.
  3. Video products. You can create video transitions, intros, lower 3rds if you know video editing to help people give their videos cinematic look.
  4. Stock photos. If you are a photographer, you can easily sell your photos because people look for natural looking photos. Everyone can get overly polished stock photos everywhere but if you can provide some natural shots, that will sell like hot cakes. Start with a cheap pricing, you can increase once you get some succes.
  5. Software. If you are a software developer you can create different tools, plugins and sell on your blog. If your tools are really helpful, you can earn millions from it.

Online Course

Along with your blog, you have a skill set like content writing or designing, you can create a course to make other people learn those skills from you.

This will not only help your reader become skilled person, you will be able to make money out of it.

I have created different courses on content writing, affiliate marketing and many of my students created their careers while I earned while teaching them those skills.


I did this experiment and became successful. I started paid newsletters in 2017 and it not only helped me earn money but I got connected with my audience.

I got multiple emails on my newsletter email. I learned so much about my audience and it was personal connection apart from money.

You can create a paid newsletter and ask people to join. But you have a big responsibility to cater your reader’s hunger to get quality newsletters from you.


If you have a blog, you can start an ecommerce store along with that. You can sell your own manufactured products or you can get the products manufactured from third party and sell with your brand name.

Its highly profitable business if you have a loyal audience but you have to keep track of inventories, product quality and returns.

Google Ads

This is the easiest u0026amp; least profitbale way to monetize your blog which I don’t recommend but for your information. If you must know what is good and what is not good for you.

If you have a blog and you write genuine content on it, you can easily get Google adsense approval.

Once you get the approval you can place ads on your blog. But you have no control over what ads are being run (Google will take care of it).

Why I don’t recommend because you spoil your visitor’s reading experience with ads popping around your article.

Another thing is, it is the least profitable way to monetize blog. You get money on Cost per Click (CPC) on ads. That means when a reader click on any ads, you get some money.

And CPC is a meager amount of $0.01 to $0.10 which I mean when your reader click on any ads you lose a potential customer for a few cents.

I have discussed major money making ways that you can establish with the help of your blog. But you must have a long term vision to start earning money from your blog.

Success never happens overnight. You need patience to start earning from your blog but once you started earning, there will be no looking back (provided you upgrade yourself).

It’s called exponential effect. I earned my first incorm from my blog after 2 years from starting the blog.

Your primary focus on learning and get expertise. Money will automatically come as a byproduct.

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I am going to launch on Nov 20. You will get personalized step by step guidance from me.

Pardeep Goyal.


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