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How to build Landing Pages using Thrive Architect

So, you want to build landing pages by yourself and you are already aware how powerful Thrive Architect is.

In this guide you will discover how you can build Landing pages using Thrive Architect within no time.

You may also read this article from ConversionXL which explains things that you need to follow to create high converting landing page

Getting Started

To get started you need Thrive Architect plugin installed in your WordPress Website. If you have not already purchased Thrive Architect. You can buy it from here

#1 Install Thrive Architect Plugin

After purchasing Thrive Architect. Login into your WordPress website and install the plugin

>>On the left panel of your WordPress dashboard. Click on Plugins > Add New. Now click on “Upload Plugin” button. Upload the plugin which will be in zip format and click on Install Now button

>>After installing, you need to activate the plugin to be able to use it. Just click on Activate Link and you are good to go

#2 Create a New WordPress Page

You first need to create a WordPress page and then use Thrive Architect Plugins options to create a landing page

>> On the left panel of your WordPress dashboard. Click on Pages > Add New. From the new page just click on the green button “Launch Thrive Architect” to get started

#3 Navigate to Thrive Architect’s Visual Editor

After selecting “Launch Thrive Architect” button you will be directed to a new page which is the starting point for you to created your Landing page.

As you can see from the below image Thrive Architects interface has three sections.

One is Live preview at the center where you will be making most of your changes. The next one is the left menu where you can add elements to your landing page and the last one is the setting options at the bottom to preview, Import/export, saving your template and various other settings

#4 Choose a Suitable Landing page Template

Thrive Architect comes with more than 40 pre-built Landing pages. You can choose whichever template that suits your requirement and start editing it right away

Since your goal is to not just creating landing page but create high converting landing pages. For this you may want to read this article which explains 5 essential elements that you need to create high converting landing page

>> Now let’s go on to select Landing page Templates which are available in Thrive. For this click on Page Setup icon which is present at the bottom of the page

>> After that you will be presented with three options

  1. Choose Landing Page Template
  2. Import Landing page
  3. Save Content as Template

>> Click on “Choose Landing page template” text. You will get a popup with list of pre-built landing page sets available in Thrive Architect

>> Each Landing page set comes with multiple template like Lead generation page, 2 step Opt-in page, Download Page, Sales page, Product Launch Page, Confirmation page and many others

>> Pick a template which suits your requirement and click on Choose Template button

>> On clicking “Choose Template” button, the landing page template will be available for you to edit from the visual editor

#5 Editing the Landing page Template

Great thing about Thrive Architect is each and every landing page template is built with conversion in mind. After choosing the landing page all you have to do is focus on headings, images, CTA’S and minor editing work to fit your requirement

a) Edit Heading and other text elements

Thrive Architect’s visual drag and drop editor making editing a breeze. To change Heading or any text elements all you have to do is just click on the text.

The text area will be will highlighted. You can change the text by deleting the already present text and add your own text just like how you would do when you are using MS Word

You can also change the text style, Layout position, Background color and many other settings by using the options present in the left menu

Note: Whenever you select any element, the left menu will be displayed with options to change various settings related to the element selected

b). Edit Images present in your Landing page

All the Landing page templates come with default Images and needs to changed. Editing Images is very similar to how you edit with text. Just click on the image which you want to change.

Image section will be highlighted. After that just click on “Change Image” button from the options present in the left menu

On clicking “Change Image” button, you will get the standard WordPress pop up to Choose Image. Select the required image and click on “Insert into Post” to add a different image

After adding the image, you can change various settings like Image Size, Image Effects, Borders, Shadow, Layout position etc. from the options present in the left menu

c). Add New Elements to your Landing page

Sometimes you may want to add new sections in your Landing page like Countdown Timer, Testimonials, Social Share, Video and many other things to improve your conversion

Before adding elements to the landing page. Let’s understand how Thrive Architect builds page layouts.

Thrive Architect uses rows and columns to create page layouts. Which means each section in a page can be considered as a row and each row can be divided into multiple columns.

You can see the below image has 1 row and it is divided into 3 columns

Once you understand this it becomes very easy to design build landing pages. Say for example I want to design a section which is very similar to the below image

From the image you can clearly identify the above section contains one row with two columns

Thrive Architect lets you add columns to your Landing page. From the options present in the left menu select Columns which will be present below Foundation section

Select “Coloumns” and drag the element over to any preferred section in your landing page. Once you do that you will get a pop up from Thrive asking if you want to build a row with 2 coloumns,3 columns or 4 columns

For this example, I selected a row with 2 columns. Now you have a section which has one row with 2 columns as shown below

From the above example, we saw that the first column had List Items and the second column had an Image. Select “Styled List” which is under Building block section and drag the element to the first column

Add contents to your list item which is very straightforward. Now your layout should look like this

Now Select “Image” which is under Foundation section and drag the element to the second column. You will get a popup to upload your image. Add the image and your Layout should look very similar to this.

Now our layout looks more or less similar to what we saw in the above example. The only things that we need to do is add a background color and change the color of the text in list items to white. Let’s go ahead and do that

Now select the entire row. To make sure you have selected the entire row just verify the header. If you have selected a column within a row, you will have something like this at the header

Thrive Landing page > Background Section > Coloumns > Coloumn

If you have selected the entire row, you can see the following at the header

Thrive Landing page > Background Section > Coloumns

Once the entire row is selected. Select Background Style from options present in the left menu. Select Solid Color option and add your preferred color. Now your layout should look like this

To change the color of the text in list items. Just click on the text. From the text option present in the left menu you can easily change the color of text to white

Now you might have noticed that color of the list icon is not changed. Just follow the same process that we explained above. Just click on the List icon, from the icon option present in the left menu you can easily change the color of text to white

Now our layout looks very similar to the above layout which we wanted to build. If you can follow this, I am pretty sure you can easily build landing pages like a pro.

d). Duplicating Elements

Sometimes you might want to reuse certain elements in your landing page so that you don’t have to design it again.

To do that, just click on the element. Once the element is highlighted click on “copy” icon present at the top right hand corner. The element will be duplicated and you can drag the element to any preferred location of your choice


I am confident that this article will help you setup and design landing page using Thrive without much difficulty. If you have questions or if you want us to cover additional topics let us know in the comments below, we would be happy to help you


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