Best Landing page plugins in WordPress 2018

Best Landing page plugins in WordPress

Best Landing page plugins in WordPress 2018

If you are looking for a landing page plugin to help you build high converting sales page, webinar page, squeeze page etc. and confused by which plugin you need to choose. Don’t worry we have got you covered.

In this post we are going to talk about some of the best landing page plugins available in WordPress.

Before we dive in let’s look at some of the advantages of using landing page plugin

  1. Landing page is designed with only one thing in mind which is to improve conversion. So, if you have a product, E-book, service etc. that you need to sell then you need a high converting landing page
  2. If you cannot code, you need to hire a developer to create landing pages but with a good landing page plugin you can easily create landing page in a matter of minutes
  3. Since Landing pages are used for a specific campaign, you can get valuable data insights about which channels are bringing you the most leads and focus more on that channel, thus helping you to reduce ad cost on channels which is not effective for you
  4. As landing pages are focused on a particular campaign and with content built around user’s specific problems and solutions provided to them. It helps to build trust and credibility among your audience

Now you can understand why some of most successful bloggers have been focusing on landing pages for selling their product or service rather than doing it on their own website. They have been using Landing pages to convey their product or service in a right way with right message and in turn increase their sales.

The landing pages plugin that I have shared below have been selected based on the following points

  1. How comfortable it is build landing pages even if you don’t know anything about coding
  2. Are the landing pages created mobile friendly and responsive?
  3. Do they have enough number of templates in different niches to help you get started quickly?
  4. Does your landing page work with your current WordPress theme?

Now let’s take a look at the list of best landing page plugin

#1 Thrive Architect



Thrive architect

Thrive Architect developed by Thrive Themes is a visual page builder plugin helping you to build landing pages within minutes. What I like about Thrive Architect is it is built with complete focus on being as fast as possible

So, if you are looking for a plugin where you want to build landing pages within minutes then this plugin is the right fit for you

With Thrive Architect you can

  1. Build a High Converting Homepage
  2. Build Landing pages
  3. Design a Beautifully Formatted Blog Post which is especially useful when you write content comparing different products
  4. Build Sales Page, Webinar Page, Product Launch Pages etc.

Thrive Architect has more than 250 high converting Landing page templates and comes with great design. They keep adding new landing page templates every now and then which is great.


Thrive Architect

Another stand out feature about Thrive Architect is their Drag and Drop visual page editor where you can edit contents directly on the front end of the page instead of spending too much time at the back end

It also offers great deal of flexibility in customizing your templates where you can alter the layouts position, change the background color, Add buttons and more. Again, the customization can be done at the front end where options appear in the sidebar menu which is something that I like

Thrive Architect

Another feature that I love about Thrive Architect is they have Conversion Focused Building Blocks like Call to Action, Testimonials, Animated Countdown Timers, Lead Generation Forms, Credit Card Signal etc. which can be used when designing your landing page

Apart from this you can also add other building blocks such as Social Share, Data Tables, Star Rating, Click to Tweet etc. which is really helpful as all these building blocks don’t work well in WordPress and people generally use separate plugins for them.

The fact that you can get all these functionalities in this one plugin instead of installing many different plugins is an added advantage

Some of the other cool features of the plugin are

  1. Integrate Landing pages with all the leading Email marketing providers like Aweber, Convert Kit, Get Response, MailChimp, Infusionsoft and so on
  2. Preview your landing page on different screen size and also lets you edit for different screen size
  3. Helps you create Full Width Layouts to make your landing pages more appealing
  4. Easily apply animation effects to any element present in your landing page

Price: Thrive Architecture starts with 69$ per month which can be installed in one website and comes with unlimited updates. The price increases if you want to use the plugin on more than one website.

Alternatively, you can go for a membership plan where you can get access to all the products developed by thrive themes for $19 per month paid annually

You can see different plan options available as shown below

Thrive Architect


Should you go with Thrive Architecture?

If you are looking for a plugin where you want to build landing page as quickly as possible and want to focus more on conversion then you should definitely go with this plugin.

Drag and drop editor along with pre-built templates available helps you get started in no time and combine that with great features mentioned above make this a great plugin to use it in your website

You can get Thrive Architecture here (


#2 Leadpages

Leadpages is another excellent WordPress plugin that lets you create Landing pages with easy to use drag and drop builder. Great thing with Leadpages is all the landing pages are hosted on their own server hence reducing load on your server

With Leadpages you get access to the entire platform helping you build not just landing pages but also sales page, Webinar page, Opt-in forms etc. helping you build a complete sales funnel

With Leadpages you can

  • Publish unlimited landing pages and use them on unlimited websites
  • Create Opt-in forms to get more Email Subscribers
  • Add checkout functionality in your landing pages
  • Use their Facebook Ad platform to create Ads instantly
  • Integrate your landing page with some of the best marketing and sales application providers like Stripe, Aweber,, Calendy, GoToWebinar and so on

Leadpages comes with more than 300 landing pages designed by experts. What’s great is all the templates provides are sorted based on Industry and Campaign Type which make it easier for you to select a perfect landing page for your business

For example, if you are in Real Estate niche you can easily select landings page related to that niche from Leadpages so you don’t look out of place with your design when you present your offer to your audience


Leadpages drap and drop editor is intuitive and offers great deal of customization just like Thrive Architecture where you can make changes on the go. You can customize any elements on your page without much difficulty even if you don’t have any knowledge of code.

With drop and drop editor you can

  1. Easily add elements to your page referred as building blocks such as Heading, Counter, Image, Social Share, Social Icon etc.
  2. Change Font settings, Background color, Image and so on
  3. Add tracking and analytics code like Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics
  4. Change the layout of the page using rows and columns


Some of the other cool features that we get with Leadpages are

  1. Use 5 different ways to triggers Opt-in forms (Exit Intent Popup, Time Popup, Plain Text link etc.) in your Landing page
  2. Reduce the friction for your subscribers to register for an event or webinar by using a feature called Leadlinks where you can create a link and all you subscribers have to do is just click on the link to register
  3. Powerful A/B testing feature to help you test different versions of your Landing page
  4. Analytics and insights to help you understand how the performance of your Landing page
  5. If you are using landing pages to collect Email subscribers, through leaddigits you also have the option of collecting email leads offline through text messages which is great

Price: Leadpages start with $37 per month for a Basic Plan and gets reduced to $25 per month paid annually or $17 per month paid every 2 years.

With Basic Plan you miss out on some of the important features like Leadbox Popup Forms, Checkout functionality from Landing page, A/B testing, 1-Click Sign up links.

This is one of the reasons that I personally don’t like this kind of pricing model. Either they provide you with complete access to their features or they don’t

You can find different payment options as shown below


Should you go with Leadpages?

Leadpages is a powerful plugin that lets you create landing pages with great ease and but the only drawback is it price which is $37 per month.

If you want to build just landing pages then you will go with other plugins like Thrive where you can get the access to the plugin for lifetime with single payment of $67

But if you want to get more advance features like Leadlinks, Leaddigits, advance marketing integration which was discussed above along with Landing page then you can definitely go with this plugin

You can get Leadpages from here (

#3 Beaver Builder

Beaver Build is a combination of Theme and plugin. But you are free to use just their plugin depending on your requirements

Beaver Builder’s drag and drop page building plugin lets you create landing page with great control over page layout and design

Beaver Build Plugin works with almost any WordPress theme. If you have built a landing page using this plugin and if you want to change your WordPress theme, you can do it easily without having to worry about losing your landing page

Even though they don’t have a huge collection of landing page templates but the templates which are already present have great design and looks stunning

Beaver Builder’s drap and drop interface is neat and clean. There is a menu bar at the top with useful settings like Duplicate Layout, Preview Layout, Revisions, Change UI brightness etc. and then the front-end editor helping you to create custom layouts, adding new modules, editing existing elements and making changes on the go

They also have an option to Duplicate layout where you can reuse the landing page created by you which is something that I like. It is a pretty useful feature which is not present in many page builder plugins


Some of the other features of this plugin are

  1. You can use Beaver builder with WooCommerce for designing your E-commerce Store
  2. Easily reuse certain modules used in Landing pages
  3. Easily Import/Export your Layouts which can be used in other WordPress websites that you own or can you used when you are migrating your website
  4. Supports shortcodes and widgets in your landing page

Price: Beaver Build Plugin comes with a free version but it is heavily stripped down and offers limited option which is probably something which you don’t want to use. For example, op-in forms and templates are not available in free version

What’s great with Beaver Builder is you can demo their product before buying them which is again something not offered by other plugins

The paid version starts with $99 which is a basic plan where you get access to their plugin and you can create unlimited landing pages

You can also with Pro plan which $199 where you get access to their plugin and their theme so that you are just reliant on one company for any updates or support that you need for your website

You can find their different pricing options shown below


Should you go with Beaver Builder?

Beaver Builder is a great plugin to go with if you want to build your website, create custom layouts and landing pages all using a single plugin instead of dealing with multiple companies

You can get Beaver Builder from here (


Divi is created by Elegant themes team, which is very popular in WordPress community and provides great products related to WordPress. So, you can always except to get a great product from them

Now coming to Divi which is their flapship product, you will get a WordPress theme and a page builder plugin along with it. But the great thing is Divi’s page builder plugin can be used with any WordPress Theme

With Divi page builder you can customize your landing page through Visual Drag & Drop editor and also through their Backend editor giving you the option to choose whichever editor you prefer to use which is really cool and not done by other plugins

Now coming to templates, what’s impressive with Divi is apart from having tons of stunning landing page templates available they make sure release new templates every week which is really good.

Take a look at some of the templates below. All you have to do is edit the template and make it work as per your requirement


Divi’s visual drag and drop editor lets you to control every minor detail on your landing page starting from design, spacing, margin, background image upload etc. They were the first to introduce keyboard shortcuts and auto save feature when you are using front end editor

With Divi builder you get 46 Content Modules like Email Opt-in, Number Counter, Pricing Table, Testimonial, Contact Form etc. giving you endless possibilities to create your landing page


As a beginner using Divi’s drag and drop editor might be overwhelming with lots of options available to you but if you just follow the tutorials provided by Divi team you will get the hang of it and start creating beautiful landing pages

Some of the other features of this plugin are

  1. You can save certain modules in your landing page and reuse it again when designing a different landing page
  2. Import and Export Functionality to help you reuse the modules in another WordPress website that you own
  3. Divi builder comes with role manager helping you to provide appropriate access to users so that they don’t break certain pages accidentally
  4. Unlimited Undo’s and Redo’s by logging every action performed by you

Price: Divi starts with $89 per year but the best part is along with the plugin you will get access to all the themes and plugins created by Elegant Themes Team. You also have the advantage of using the plugin on as many websites as you like which is really cool

Additionally, if you want to purchase the plugin for lifetime you can pay $249 and get lifetime which is very attractive



Should you go with Divi?

Divi is a shortcode based builder, which means as long as you are using Divi you will not face any problem but if you decide to switch to some other plugin your content will get entangled within shortcodes which is not good and this is something which doesn’t happen with other plugins

This is what you would see in your editor when you stop using Divi

However, the pricing of Divi is very attractive especially the life time plan and with Elegant themes coming up with new feature constantly you can go with this plugin if you want to use this forever

You can get Divi from here (


Elementor is a popular Page builder in WordPress Community with a visual drap and drop editor which makes building landing pages a breeze.

Elementor was one of the first free page builder plugins that allowed you to build beautiful pages with front end editing and not requiring you to purchase additional things. Initially there was just free version of this plugin available but later they released Pro version with some unique features added to it

To help you get started quickly Elementor comes with more than 300 + beautiful designed pre-made templates and around 30 templates are made available in the free version as well. All the templates are extremely mobile friendly

Elementor’s stand out features is its front editing which works really great and very easy to use as a beginner.

Elementor’s page builder comes with a live preview at the center, Elements/widgets options at the left menu allowing you to add elements to the page and setting options at the bottom to preview the design and undo changes

To help you design landing pages faster, Elementor comes with lots of elements like Author Box, Testimonial, Carousel, Login, Call to Action, Countdown etc. that can added to the landing page instantly

Although they don’t focus much on conversion elements like how Thrive Architect does which allows you to add lots of Conversion Focused Building Blocks. They do have a useful feature called Live Form Builder in their Pro version

Live Form Builder helps you to set different kinds of form like Login form, Subscription Form, Contact Form contact form and customize it to your requirements. The forms can be integrated with Email Marketing providers like MailChimp, Active Campaign, GetResponse, Convert Kit etc.


Price: Elementor comes with free version and PRO version. To get the complete details about the features available for PRO version and free version check out this article from Elementor (

Elementor’s PRO version starts from $49 for one website which is for lifetime. If you want to use for multiple websites there are two more options.

One is Business plan which is $99 for three websites and the other one is Unlimited plan which is $199 for unlimited websites

Should you go with Elementor?

Elementor is powerful plugin with lots of great features. If you want a plugin that is free to use you can definitely go with the Free version of this plugin. As the free version of the plugin offers enough features to help you build and manage landing pages

If you are focused more on conversion then you go with Thrive Architect however if you want a well rounded plugin that lets you build not just landing pages build design but other aspects of website like blog post template, WooCommerce Integration, Slides then you can go with the PRO version of this plugin

You can get Elementor from here (

#6 Coming Soon Page Pro By SEEDPROD


If you ever want to validate your idea, create hype around your services and capture leads before launch you can always use Coming Soon Landing pages. SeedProd is a useful plugin that lets you create Coming Soon Landing Page pretty quickly and in turn help you to collect email address before launch of your website.

You can also create Maintenance Mode pages with this plugin which will be useful if your website is down

They have over 50 beautiful Coming Soon page templates. You can choose a template that suits your business and customize it your needs. You also get access to 500,000+ Background Images and 750+ google fonts that you can make use of when you are designing Coming Soon page

It comes with Real Time page builder where you can customize everything from fonts, colors, Animation, Image upload etc. from the front end. You can even customize CSS to take full control over the design

Since Email capture is the number one thing that you are looking from Coming Soon page, they have powerful integration with Email Marketing providers like Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse, MailPoet etc.

You also have the option of storing the Emails in the WordPress Database, ReCaptcha Support and Opt-in Confirmation Checkbox for GDPR compliance which is really helpful

Some of the other features of the plugin are

  1. Referral tracking system to help you go viral
  2. Bypass link to let other people bypass the coming soon page and visit the website
  3. Works with any WordPress theme
  4. Google Analytics support to track the data
  5. Import/Export settings enabling you to use the landing page in another WordPress website
  6. Custom Thank you page after Sign up

Price: Coming Soon Page Pro starts from $29 per year which can be used for only one site. If you want to use it for multiple websites then you have two plans

One is Business plan which costs you $49 per year for 5 website and the other one is Developer plan which costs you $79 per year where you get access to use it on unlimited websites

You also have another option where you can get access to all the plugins developed by SeedProd team for $99 per year


Should you go with Coming Soon Page Pro?

As the name suggests this plugin can be used for building Coming Soon pages. But you can easily build Coming Soon pages from other plugins mentioned above.

The reason to go with this plugin is because it has got certain useful features like stopping people from accessing other parts of your website or generating bypass link to enable to certain people to view the website and many more interesting features which are not offered by many

You can get Coming Soon Page pro from here (


I am sure from the above list of plugins you will be able to create beautiful landing pages all by yourself without the help of developers or without knowing how to code. So what are you waiting for? Pick a plugin which fits your requirement and start building landing pages that convert like crazy

If you know about other awesome landing page plugins please do let us know in the comments section


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